CubicSDR is advancing quickly and proper device support is becoming a necessity.  As a primary goal I would like to have every major device with a supportable API running as a native SoapySDR module and be fully tested with CubicSDR.  To accomplish this I’ll need access to the hardware — and that’s where donations come in.

If you want to skip the donation process and simply have a spare device available that we’re looking for please make contact and shipping arrangements can be made.

Hardware currently available for development:

  • AirSpy Mini – Thanks to your donations!
  • HackRF One – Thanks to NooElec
  • RTL-SDR E4000 type tuner- Thanks to NooElec
  • RTL-SDR Fitipower (FC) type tuner- Thanks to NooElec
  • SDRPlay RSP – Thanks to SDRPlay
  • Raspberry Pi2 – Thanks to your donations!
  • RTL-SDR 820T and 820T2 (various types)
  • Sound card

Devices we’re looking to support and improve:

  • FunCube Dongle Pro+
  • SpyVerter
  • NetSDR+
  • BladeRF
  • Red Pitaya
  • An actual radio with I/Q and CAT control
  • Other?

If you’d like to donate towards a specific device / goal please make note in the donation comments and I’ll reserve it for that purpose!

Here’s the button:

– Charles J. Cliffe
Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far! Your comments are encouraging 🙂

CubicSDR is now sponsored by:

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