CubicSDR v0.1.20-alpha release

Over the past few months CubicSDR has been expanding to support more devices via the SoapySDR library and those releases are now reaching a somewhat stable state.
v0.1.20-alpha builds are available for OSX and Windows and include built-in support for:

– HackRF
– BladeRF
– SoapyRemote
– SDRPlay (Requires copying DLL, see note on release page)

Additionally OSX build includes SoapyOsmo support for:

– AirSpy
– RFSpace

CubicSDR v0.1.20 download link:
Changes since v0.1.4 include:

– General UI Improvements, many crash fixes
– Manual gain control (just disable “automatic gain” in the settings menu)
– Visual gain control by right-dragging up/down on the spectrum (or shift+up/down arrow)
– SDR Device configuration dialog on startup with saved preferences
– SoapyRemote support allows any supported device to work over a network
– Rework of waterfall/spectrum Zoom functionality, improved detail and performance
– Eliminated aliases crawling across spectrum during zoom
– Main areas of display can now be resized, just drag the dividers between them
– LSB/USB tuning and bandwidth improvements, better bandwidth defaults overall
– Internal rewrite of modem code into distinct classes replacing monolithic demodulator
– Menu options automatically adjust to the active device settings and ranges (including custom device settings unknown to CubicSDR!) thanks to SoapySDR device argument and setting queries.
– Liquid-DSP PFB Channelizer is now utilized to allow for decent performance while using many VFOs at high input bandwidths (20+ WBFM stations at once on a HackRF can be done easily 🙂


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